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About Prayatna Nepal:

Prayatna Nepal is a civil society organization established in 2015 under the rule of Associations Registration Act, 2034 (1977). It has been legally registered in the Social Welfare Council (Reg. No. 42437), in the District Administration Office, Lalitpur (Reg. No. 4277/072) Since its establishment in 2015, Prayatna Nepal has been implementing various activities targeting to the visually impaired girls and women. Since Prayatna Nepal is the part of overall national and global disability rights movement, it has adopted the social and rights based model of disability and the key motto of global disability rights movement “Nothing about us without us”.

Organization structure:

Prayatna Nepal's organizational structure comprises of a General Assembly (GA) which is the apex body of the organization and makes all constitutional and yearly program and budget decisions. The general assembly consists of 19 members who attend general assembly meetings once a year. The general assembly forms Executive Committee whose members function a term of 2 years. At the present, the Executive Committee which is also the central working committee has 7 board members. Out of which, 5 i.e., 71% (including the chairperson) are visually impaired. The Executive Committee meet quarterly and oversee the organizational work. Under the Executive Committee there is a program implementation team consisting of the chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, finance officer, programme coordinator and office associate.


Prayatna Nepal envisions an inclusive society where visually impaired women are living a quality and dignified life with the full realization of human rights, equity, non-discrimination and personal freedom in a barrier environment.


  • Effective, strong and influential leadership and meaningful participation of visually impaired women/girls with disabilities in the decision making process of family, community and state mechanism.



Menstrural Hygiene Management training

  • Strengthen access to information, communication and knowledge/education by promoting digital accessibility and access to modern technology for visually impaired women/girls.
  • Strengthen the capacity of visually impaired women/girls to fight against abuse and violence and see access to justice.
  • Strengthen meaningful participation of visually impaired women/girls in decision making processes of family, society and state mechanism.
  • Contribute to the economic empowerment of visually impaired women through capacity building, advocacy, networking and individual support.

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Refresher Fight back training for blind and visuallly impaired women/girls

Prayatna Nepal is a self-help organization dedicated to empowering women and girls with visual impairments.

Life Skills Training

Prayatna Nepal is a self-help organization working for life skills training for women and girls with visual impairments.

Disability Inclusive Development (DID) on various locations

The concept of disability has evolved significantly over the years, challenging societal perceptions and prompting the realization of the importance of inclusion and accessibility for all individuals.
logo of Prayatna
Prayatna Nepal is an organization established to works for visually impaired women and girls. We empower visually impaired women and girls to take their lives in their own hand.
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