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COVID Dialogue Series

COVID Dialogue Series

Published on: February 18, 2022

Prayatna Nepal conducted one-day COVID Dialogue Series on the virtual platform (Zoom) on 17th February 2022 among 23 blind and visually impaired women and girls. The program facilitator invited and encouraged everyone to share their experiences during COVID.

The main purpose of conducting the COVID Dialogue Series is to extract the stories and experiences of visually impaired women during COVID. COVID dialogue Series became the platform to share the hidden stories they had been through during COVID. It has also been a medium to listen to the recommendation from participants so that Prayatna Nepal could set the path on what areas it needs to be focused on in the phase of implementation of the activities.

This  COVID Dialogue series helped discuss on actual problems and challenges faced during COVID by these women and girls and recommendations have been collected for future planning.


Refresher Life Skills Training

Prayatna Nepal is the self-help organization working for empowering the living condition women and girls with visually impairments.

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Prayatna Nepal is an organization established to works for visually impaired women and girls. We empower visually impaired women and girls to take their lives in their own hand.
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