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CV Writing and Interview Technique Training

Published on: June 26, 2018

To be employable it is not enough to master a set of professional skills. In order to succeed in one's job we need to focus on a skill set that goes beyond handling professional requirements. Realizing the fact as a part of capacity building program, 4 days CV writing and interview technique training has conducted on Kathmandu district.

The objective of that program was to build the capacities of visually impaired women as a possible candidate for the employment. So that they will be able to do competition in job market. The training was conducted on November 10-13 2016 and June20-23 2018 in Kathmandu. Altogether 20 participants were participated in that training.  In this   training we focus mainly on professional email writing, skill identification, CV writing and effective interview technique skills that would help the participant to find a job and be effective and accepted in the job.  After receiving this training, 7 visually impaired women were able to develop their career.


Feminist Dialogue Series

Prayatna Nepal conducted one-day Feminist Dialogue Series  in Kathmandu on 28th April 2022 among 16 blind and visually impaired women and girls.
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Feminist Dialogue Series on Digital Rights

Prayatna Nepal conducted one-day Feminist Dialogue Series on the digital right in Kathmandu on 24th March 2022 among 19 blind and visually impaired women.
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Distribution of Educational Materials to Blind Students of Sidhartha Smarak Secondary School Bhelai Kapilvastu

Prayatna Nepal distributed educational materials (braille paper, stylus, slate, geometric kit et.
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logo of Prayatna
Prayatna Nepal is an organization established to works for visually impaired women and girls. We empower visually impaired women and girls to take their lives in their own hand.
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