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Research dissemination

Research dissemination program

Published on: October 10, 2021

Prayatna Nepal conducted Research Dissemination Program on 8th October 2021 in the hall of Hotel Hardik, Baghbazar, Kathmandu. Research was disseminated among the women with disabilities, representatives from organization of persons with disabilities, sexual and reproductive health service providers and concerned stakeholders. Altogether 40 people participated in the program.

Prayatna Nepal conducted Qualitative Exploratory Research entitled, 'Barriers in Accessing Sexual and Reproductive Health Services among Adolescent Girls and Young Women with Visual Impairment. The main objective of conducting research was to explore the adolescent girls and youths' perspective and understanding of sexual and reproductive health needs and services and their experience in regard to the process of realizing those needs and available services. To share research findings and collect feedbacks and comments, a dissemination program was conducted. Another important aspect of the program is to make stakeholders internalize the issues of visually impaired women regarding their access to sexual and reproductive health service and facilities and adopt possible measures to address those issues to ensure the sexual and reproductive health rights of visually impaired women.

Prayatna Nepal would like to thank consultants Mrs. Rita Bhadra and Mrs. Era Shrestha for their efforts on the research. In the same way, it would like to thank two commentators, Ms. Neera Adhikari and Mr. Obindra Bahadur Chand for their valuable comment and feedback. Sincere gratitude to mama cash for the funding support.


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