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Empowering Disability-Inclusive Development A Flagship Program of Prayatna Nepal

February 22, 2024

A transformative event took place, showcasing strong commitment from diverse organizations and stakeholders to propel the cause of disability inclusivity. Spearheaded by Prayatna Nepal, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the rights and empowerment of persons with disabilities, the symposium delved into nuanced aspects of disability, aiming to catalyze the emergence of a society that embraces inclusivity.

This symposium convened a diverse array of participants from the security sector, academia, UN agencies, various institutions, and young professionals. The event featured facilitators: Miss Sarita Lamichhane, Founder Chairperson of Prayatna Nepal, a renowned authority on gender and disability rights, and Miss Jalasa Sapkota, a youth disability activist. Their insights played a pivotal role in steering the discussions towards meaningful outcomes.

Central to the symposium was the exploration of the evolutionary trajectory of the concept of disability. Animated discussions on dissecting historical perspectives and evolving notions of disability took center stage. A voting process, centered on the election manifestos of four political parties, led to conclusions on the most inclusive approach in understanding four models of disability: the charity model, medical model, social welfare model, and human rights model. Consensus from voting emerged to embrace human rights of disability as the measure, as participants voted for the same.

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