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Ms. Jalasa Sapkota demonstrating the safety and privacy features of different social media.
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Press Council Nepal's Website: A Rollercoaster Ride of Clicks and Confusion

February 20, 2024

Article presents findings of Prayatna Nepal's recent position paper on accessibility audit of various platforms with a specific focus on the Press Council Nepal website. In today's digital age, accessibility on online platforms is crucial to ensure that everyone, including individuals with disabilities, can access information and services without barriers. Unfortunately, our audit of the Press Council Nepal's website revealed significant challenges and shortcomings in terms of accessibility, creating a confusing and frustrating experience for users with disabilities. Through our article, we aim to shed light on these issues and advocate for improvements to be made to the Press Council Nepal's website, as well as to raise awareness about the importance of accessibility in digital spaces. We believe that sharing our findings and insights will help amplify our message and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding accessibility and inclusivity.

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