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Prioritizing Digital accessibility for Inclusive Development: Position paper on digital accessibility in Nepal

December 16, 2022

This report is the result of the accessibility assessment and provides a compilation of findings and recommendations following a review of selected digital platforms from March 2022 to April 2022. The testing was carried out by actual users and testers (who themselves have a disability and are the accessibility experts) and with the help of accessibility-testing tools such as AXE Dev Tool and Color Contrast Analyzer. Researchers observed that organizations made efforts to ensure the accessibility of these digital platforms. However, there were discrepancies concerning accessibility standards. For instance, the absence of meaningful, accessible text such as alt text, link text, accurate captions, sign language, transcript, audio description on multimedia content, inappropriate landmarks, heading styles and inaccessible colour contrast make these websites harder to perceive, comprehend and operate by persons with disabilities. We recommend public service providers and others to adapt the WCAG standards to improve its accessibility criteria. The accessibility should also take into consideration all forms of disabilities.

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Prayatna Nepal is an organization established to works for visually impaired women and girls. We empower visually impaired women and girls to take their lives in their own hand.
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