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Teej Festival: Exploring Essence of Inclusivity

September 16, 2023

Festivals are synonymous with rejuvenation, closeness, and togetherness. However, the true essence of these celebrations can often be compromised, rendering them less enjoyable for certain groups, particularly those with disabilities. The limitations and restrictions imposed on their participation in various activities can dilute the charm of these festivities. To illustrate this point, let's delve into the ongoing celebration of Teej, a festival of closeness, songs, dance, and the celebration of beauty.

The concept of celebration has evolved with societal progress and increased socialization. Nowadays, Teej gatherings are ubiquitous, in stark contrast to the past when individuals with disabilities were often left on the fringes of such festivities. Thankfully, this scenario has begun to change. Many organizations for persons with disabilities now enthusiastically organize and participate in Teej celebrations. However, the question remains: Is superficial involvement enough? Should celebration be confined to mere applause from spectators, or can it extend beyond?

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