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Life Skills Training - May 26 to 29,2022

Published on: May 29, 2022

Prayatna Nepal organised a four days Life Skills Training to different visually impaired woman from different places of Nepal. The main objective was to enable the visually impaired girls and women to lead an independent life.

With the aim to ensure independence among visually impaired girls and women, Prayatna Nepal organized 4 days daily life skills training to enable them in preparing and cooking meal/food, cleaning rooms, ironing clothes and so on. Ms. Navina Gyawali, who is herself blind was hired as the main facilitator of the training so that the participants would feel more empowered. Ms. Jima Lamkoliya, executive board member of Prayatna Nepal as well as assistant facilitator for the training, who is also blind facilitated the opening session by welcoming all the participants and highlighting the objectives of the training. She asked all the participants to introduce themselves and then handed the floor to the main facilitator. Ms. Navina explained about the training module. The training began by participants learning to wash, peel and cut the vegetables. Among all participants, some did not have any experience of kitchen chores so they were assisted accordingly. Some were divided into groups to learn their way around using gas stoves, pressure cookers and ironing clothes. For this, the facilitators as well as all the representatives of Prayatna Nepal assisted the participants individually. The participants were divided into groups of two or three in order to ensure better and effective learning. In the 4 days training, everyone got chance to be involved in all kinds of kitchen and household chores. In overall, the participants learned to prepare tea for breakfast, typical Nepali style Dal-bhat-tarkari-achar for lunch and pasta, chowmein, noodles and chatpate (Nepali spicy/tangy snack) for mid-day snacks/meal. Similarly, they also learnt to clean/mop kitchen and dining rooms and spaces and to iron their clothes.
In last day of training, we took feedback from each participants. The participants expressed their gratitude towards Prayatna Nepal team and also suggested to provide further refresher trainings. On the fourth day, the participants were able to carry out most household chores independently with confidence.


Refresher Fight back training for blind and visuallly impaired women/girls

Prayatna Nepal is a self-help organization dedicated to empowering women and girls with visual impairments.

Life Skills Training

Prayatna Nepal is a self-help organization working for life skills training for women and girls with visual impairments.

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The concept of disability has evolved significantly over the years, challenging societal perceptions and prompting the realization of the importance of inclusion and accessibility for all individuals.

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logo of Prayatna
Prayatna Nepal is an organization established to works for visually impaired women and girls. We empower visually impaired women and girls to take their lives in their own hand.
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